A King’s Tale

Once upon a time there was a King. When He came, there were those who didn’t recognize Him, and others who were disappointed. Because He wasn’t the kind of king they expected.
This King… Was different from all Kings. He ruled with Love above all things. A Teacher who taught humility by washing His students feet (John 13:5) . A Warrior with a unique armour… And a powerful weapon, fighting in a different battlefield (Ephesians 6:12 to 17).
To those who questioned and offended Him… He replied with Words and Actions of Respect, Justice, Wisdom, Love. Crowds followed Him.
He was so Special that there was a woman who cried over His feet and dried them with her own hair (Luke 7:38)…

His name? Emanuel. Yeshua. Better known as Jesus Christ.

Because we believe He still lives, we reinforce the invitation made since the beginning of this blog. To know this Great King who taught with Words and Actions, in flesh and bone. Like us.
Hope you recognize Him in your own Heart. We can share and invite, but each one’s Path is individual!

9 thoughts on “A King’s Tale

  1. The message He left us, is a simple one. So simple that it becomes difficult nowadays to do so, every day. Isn’t this the Christian’s Way? The battle for trying to achieve our best? Trying not to let the world take over our lifes?
    But even at those days when The Son of Men, The True King of Menkind, was in between us, standing before crowds, speaking those words, lessons and new commandments that we have the blessing to read in The Bible…even then, well specially then, they wouldn’t believe. Although they heard the words they didn’t understand. They saw the Man, few saw The King.

    I pray every single day, for understanding His words in my heart and to succeed to put them into action in my life, for He is already my King.

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  2. Great text! Huge!
    Many saw it in the cinema, others saw it “sung”, others retranslated in pictures …
    Open in Matthew and read the next 4 gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and know him!
    The real hero! “The” hero, who without doing shed blood with his washed the face of humanity.

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  3. What a King… Acts in Humility and teaches us that Power isn’t the same thing as subjugation… Yeshua, gave His Life for His Kingdom… We reinforce the Invitation… Come… See… Know His History…

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  4. Nowadays we see people trough social networking… We start to follow them and to know them because we identify something that attracts us… With this King is different… First you have to Know Him and then start to Follow Him… He doesn’t have a face… But has a Name… He isn’t “in style”, but He Is Eternal… What He Brings you it’s not “immediate” but it’s for Life… It’s not for Today… It’s Forever… What is necessary? Just to Want… What made me want to know His History? … Epic movies that touched a deep Will that the Hero of that movie, onde day, would be me… To Save the World! Have you had that Feeling? Step Forward… It Was and it Is to me, a Fantastic Adventure.

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  5. A few days ago a friend shared a song with me. A Christian Song, that says sometime “Make room for The King”… I felt shivers down my spine… I love epic movies and books that inspire me. Like the ones about King Arthur, which show us different values represented by the different Knights. It has inspired me for a long time now, and it does still. But when I read the Bible… I recognized all this inspiring values gathered in the Word of God. And Showed to Us by a Living example… Our Great King, Jesus Christ. So… Yes. Make room for The King. In your Heart and Mind.

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  6. A Tale of a King… A King of Kings and Lord of Lords… The Master of Peace and Justice… When I met Him, I remember that one of the things that touched me the most about Him was the Title He used more while on earth… “Son of Man”… Do you know why? I do… Because it’s written. He gave His blood for you… For me… For Everyone.


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  7. “My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power (!!!!) so that your faith might not rest on human wisdom, but on God’s power.” 1 Corinthians 2:4;5
    Whoever has ears, let them hear! Thanks for the amazing text!

    With Love.

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  8. Jesus Christ the King.
    “… No one so great has become so small ..” and WON the WORLD as such … with Love and Humility. He is the Example of Man … the “Son of Man”.
    As we read about IT, we realize that it is much more than we are told.


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  9. a king without a crown, a king without castles, without material wealth ..
    the story of a King who was made the son of man and walked among men ..
    who left us the following example, being all that is necessary for us to discover ourselves and to be.
    to discover the truth .. for everyone.
    He gave his life for us all!

      John 14: 6 Jesus assured them, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

    Do you know this King?


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